AddToSteamCreator 1.0 (70kb) requires Windows 7/8 or Microsoft .net-Framework 3.5 SP1 installed

Disclaimer: The software is provided to the user "as is". The user is not allowed to distribute the program in any ways without the explicit permission. It's forbidden to sell or resell the software. I take no responsibility for any damage, which may occur as a result of using the software. The user may not modify or decompile the software.


AddToSteam-Creator is a tool for developers to create a customized AddToSteam-executable that automatically adds their (thirdparty) game to the steamlibrary (on the local computer). This can be used to simplify/standardize the process of adding the game into steam manually, either by deploying it with your game or integrating it into your installationprocess.

How to Use

Both AddToSteam-Creator and AddToSteam are very straightforward to use. Once you start AddToSteamCreator you are presented with this screen:

AddToSteamCreator Interface

Just fill in your desired ApplicationName and browse to your game's executable. Please note that the icon-feature is currently broken in Steam. Once you hit 'Build' you will be asked where to save your AddToSteam-executable. Make sure to distribute it alongside your game-executable.


Now you can deploy/distribute your game. The following steps show how it will look to your users. When executing the AddToSteam-executable (either by your installer or manually) they'll be presented with this screen:


All that's left to do is selecting the steamuser (if there are multiple steam-accounts on the computer) and clicking 'Add to Steam'.

MyTestGame on Steam



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