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Download DrumLoops 1.0 (Executable Jar) requires Java 1.6+ installed
Play DrumLoops 1.0 on GameJolt (Java Applet) requires Java Plugin installed
Play DrumLoops 1.0 on your Android-Device (Google play) requires Android 2.3.3+

Disclaimer: The software is provided to the user "as is". The user is not allowed to distribute the program in any ways without the explicit permission. It's forbidden to sell or resell the software. I take no responsibility for any damage, which may occur as a result of using the software. The user may not modify or decompile the software.


DrumLoops is a pattern-memorizing game (like Simon) were the player has the memorize a drumloop played by the drumcomputer. The game features 6 different drumkits and 3 difficulties to play with.


DrumLoops was created for the #1GAM-challenge (Theme: Sound).


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