Markers 1.1 (13kb) requires Windows 7/8 or Microsoft .net-framework 3.5 SP1 installed

Disclaimer: The software is provided to the user "as is". The user is not allowed to distribute the program in any ways without the explicit permission. It's forbidden to sell or resell the software. I take no responsibility for any damage, which may occur as a result of using the software. The user may not modify or decompile the software.

How to Use

Markers was built to be used from the console or in scripts. However, you can use Markers without touching the commandline as well. Just select one or more wavefiles and drag them on Markers to use the default settings. The markers will be written to a file named after the wavefile with a txt-extension.
If the file already exists it will be overwritten.

Usage on the commandline:
Markers [/m] [/s] [/ms] [/nl] [/std] [/full] [/xp] <filename.wav> [<filename.wav>]


Markers only works with wavefiles that comply with the standard.

Unfortunately some editors store their markers in their own thirdparty-chunk. Without the specifications I can't support those markers. Currently there are no plans to support other inputformats. If you get me the specifications (or a small example file) I can try to support your specific inputformat. If you need a special outputformat for your software I'd be glad to help if possible.


Markers 1.1:


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