PAKr 1.0 (19kb) requires Windows 7 or Microsoft .net-Framework 3.5 SP1 installed

Disclaimer: The software is provided to the user "as is". The user is not allowed to distribute the program in any ways without the explicit permission. It's forbidden to sell or resell the software. I take no responsibility for any damage, which may occur as a result of using the software. The user may not modify or decompile the software.


PAKr is a commandline tool made to automate the PAK-building-process and features a nice set of commands to work with PAK-archives. PAK-files are an uncompressed archive-fileformat mostly used by Quake1, Quake2 and games based on the same technology. Please note that "pak" is a common file-extension and might not be a supported PAK-archive.

How to Use

PAKr was made to be used from the commandline or in scripted environments.

Usage on the commandline:
PAKr.exe <Action> [Parameters..]


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